Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest - Quezon Attractions

Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest

Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest is located at Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines.


The mangrove forest is a living proof of a successful rehabilitation effort. Even before World War II, the area was a favorite to poachers who gather the "bakawan" which is a very good material for charcoal.


In 1975, the 145 hectare area was declared as Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest by virtue of Bureau of Forest Development (BFD) Administrative Order No. 7 (s. 1975). This declaration provided the necessary protection (and funding) and further poaching was prevented. Now, the diverse ecosystem makes the area a favorite field trip destination mostly of botany and zoology students from prestigious universities. But since government funding is not enough to sustain this treasure, the private sector like Mirant Philippines came in and joined in the effort. They dubbed this project "Carbon Sink Initiative". They are helping rehabilitate forest zones to help absorb pollutants in the air like carbon. And this mangrove forest is one of them. Its proximity to the Coal-Fired Plant will help absorb the emitted carbons and convert them back to oxygen.



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