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Malicboy Falls

Malicboy Falls is one of the most frequently visited picnic spots in Pagbilao. One needs only about thirty to forty-five minutes walk to reach the Falls. Students of nearby schools such as the Quezon National Agricultural School are frequent visitors.


How to get there 

From Pagbilao Quezon, just follow the National Highway going to Atimonan. Go past the Y-junction at Binahaan by taking the left branch. After KM post 148, notice that the road goes straight for a long stretch. You will not find KM post 149 (as explained earlier), so estimate that you have gone the next one kilometer after KM post 148. The vicinity of where KM post 149 used to be is approaching a right turning curve. At the left side of the highway along this curve, you will find a waiting shed. That is your landmark to stop (or alight if you are commuting).




Events Related to Malicboy Falls

Feast of St. Catherine De Alexandria (Bilao Festival)

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