Sungawan Cave - Quezon Attractions

Sungawan Cave

Sungawan Cave is located in Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines.


The Sungawan Cave got its name probably from its many holes or "windows" - literally sungawan- a hole to look through or emerge from.


The cave becomes a picnic spot usually during the lenten season only. It is a nice place for adventurers who want an uncrowded leisure spot. The water is so cold and relaxing.


The mouth of Sungawan Cave is where Bangkatan River emerges from. One of the numerous holes where one can take a peek inside the cave (another meaning of Sungawan). You can even jump into this hole to go inside the cave. The experience can be breathtaking.



Events Related to Sungawan Cave

Feast of St. Catherine De Alexandria (Bilao Festival)

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