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Sibatiya Cave

The Sibatiya Cave is located in the mountain at the center of the Pagbilao Grande Island, Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines.


It is just one of about 75 caves in the area. All of these caves has been explored and exploited for their natural fertilizer – guano or bat shit. Sibatiya is said to be the longest and the only one where you can go through. The name was is to be derived from the basins of water which used to be there before the cave was plundered by guano gatherers. Although there are still remnants that could be found of those basins, most of those disappeared due to the destruction of some stone formations at the bottom of the cave. Some folks also call the cave as “bayawak” and the whole mountain as “halimaw”.



Events Related to Sibatiya Cave

Feast of St. Catherine De Alexandria (Bilao Festival)

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