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Pandayan Festival

Last week of June | Badiangan


The Pandayan Festival is a celebration of Badiangan's excellent blacksmithing traditions, which has been one of the main source of livelihood.


The municipality produces several kinds of bolo with specific uses: Binakuko for chopping wood; Sinuwak for carpentry and cutting shrubs and smaller trees; Ginunting having the same function as the sinuwak; Pinuti for slicing meat; (e) Tangkap for kitchen use; (f) Linamay, Surot, and Balintawak are used in gardening; (g) Kayog is used to harvest rice; and (h) Wasay used to chop lumber and bigger trees.


Badiangan's blacksmithing pride is the Bingawan Bolo, known for its durability and craftsmanship.


The Pandayan Festival is highlighted with Igbarasnons performing informative and unique presentations with themes focusing on the town's local industries: the Bingawan Bolo-Making, Badiangan Instant Taho, and Loom Weaving.


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