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Tinagong Dagat

In the Hiligaynon language, Tinagong Dagat means hidden sea. The deep lake is hidden in the mountain of Lambunao, bounded by a crater-like rim with a break on the eastern side and a cliff caleed Apog-apog with a perennial waterfall on the western side.


Tinagong Dagat has been reputed to have salty waters but actually has freshwater teeming with freshwater fishes including daroy, haloan, tilapia, and pantat.


Tinagong Dagat is situated in the southwest of Lambunao, an interior town in the West-Central border of Iloilo province.


Igpulakan, the highest peak in Lambunao, is a barrier to access Tinagong Dagat from the nearest Jayubo and Bagumbong barangays. Much of the barrier to Tinagong Dagat is the very trail to Tinagong Dagat itself. While some locals could cover it in 6 hours, outsiders could spend almost two days to reach Tinagong Dagat from the jump-off points.


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